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The execution of First Order

Lego photography is an art on it’s own. We have seen minifigs photographed in snow, under water and in many different awkward situations, but Phil Korn is pushing limits of the medium by photographing scenes with use of firecrackers.

*no minifig was hurt during making of this photo, or so says Phil.

Party on a cosmic scale!

This photo taken by Julius von Brunk is so amazing i couldn’t resist posting it. It has so much life within it, and the classic space theme is also making it very special for me.

The far-out intergalactic space rock band The Highway Stars performing in front of a group of ‘nauts!

Says Julius in description of his photo.  The skill of photography is also very high with this one. Photo was taken with a glass plate and a set of Christmas Lights. I would need to experiment with such setup, i ll share my experiences if i do.

Now follow Julius on Flickr as he has much more treats of advanced  Lego Photography.