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Zbudujmy.to 4’th Anniversary.

So it’s after the weekend and after the event which was great success. We even had some guest exhibitors from Lithuania and Latvia. Here is quick video from Sariel (thank you Paweł!).

I will also be putting some materials in 3d, but i need to prepare them first, so stay tuned.

Zbudujmy.to 4th aniversary exhibition.

If you happen to be in Warsaw Poland next weekend (19-20 of November) you have to visit Zbudujmy.to’s 4th aniversary exhibition at Służewski Dom Kultury.

Except usual MOC show, there will be play zone, different contests and even some lectures (those unfortunately in  Polish only). Either way there will be a lot of cool stuff to see and do, and a lot of Crazy Builders to meet.

LUGPol’s LEGOWISKO 2016 – video

Łódź is only about 2 hours away from Warsaw by train or car. It would be not wise to miss opportunity to visit AFOLs exhibition so close. Some friends, who are also members of LUGPol were driving there already to exhibit, so i got a lift (thank you BHs). It was not the biggest of their shows, but models presented were very nice, and atmosphere on the event was very welcoming and friendly.

So without too much rumbling, enjoy video from event:

There is also 3D version if you have 3d hardware,  be it 3d googles, 3dTV or just plain anaglyph glasses. You can choose your option in the player if you follow this link.

And if you happen to have Nintendo 3DS, here is a file you can put on your device and see it on your 3DS. Right click on the link, select save, then copy it to your media folder on your Nintendo SD card. After you put the card back in your Niny, you can find GBC video in your camera app under view photos.

I would also want to thank all the exhibitors for presenting such a great set of MOCs, and a friendly atmosphere.

Legowisko 2016 – LUGPol expo in ŁÓDŹ – photos

Last week i visited LUGPol’s exhibition in Łódzki Dom Kultury, in Łódź/Poland. The event was held in 2 medium halls where one of them was dedicated to MOC exhibition, and another one to kids play area, Brickwars and Mindstorms.

The event spanned entire weekend, but i only was there for the Saturday.  Due to the Hot Sunny Weather attendance was a little bit low, but i heard it got better on Sunday which was colder and rainy. But the atmosphere inside was very friendly all the time. I was not the only visitor from another LUG there, except me there was also Mario from Brazil, and we were both taken care about like we were family members.

Łódź is known as a polish capital of animation, so there had to be some character known from Polish cartoons:

LUGPol has very strong Technic section, and they were racing with their truck all day. It was even possible to take part in the races and win prizes if you were just usual visitor.

There were also shows of Truck Trials, and a small GBC – i will post video of that later this week.

One of the highligts was Modular City Project. Most of the buildings were made especially for that occasion and some were really amazing (2 of them were even featured here). But for me the best part was to meet other builders and talk to the old and new friends.

Follow to Flickr for more photos from event.



What is the better way to invite fellow AFOLs to your event than by making MOC? I do not know better, as did Krzysztof Pusz  of LUGPol who built this inviting scene.

The event will take place in:
Łódzki Dom Kultury
ul. Traugutta 18

The date is 2-3.07.2016, that is next weekend. You can find more info on LUGPol’s website if you are interested to go.

We will be there on Saturday as regular visitors, and will be capturing some video footage and photos, so subscribe or follow us on facebook not to miss the report.

WW2 in LEGO set up in Evansville Museum.

If this photo is not Crazy enough to be posted on Crazy Builders, then i don’t know what is.

Some crazy builds by Daniel Siskind and friends, and one of the builders that is crazy enough to walk on his hands, as they are setting up weekend exhibition in Evansville Museum, Indiana, USA.

I wish i could go.

Zbudujmy.to Exhibition at Pyrkon 2015

Zbudujmy.to was present at the biggest Polish fan festival in Poznań with it’s MOC exibit. This video shows what we got there, as well as some look at the rest of PYRKON event. Continue reading Zbudujmy.to Exhibition at Pyrkon 2015