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School of Dance Modular Style

Krzysztof Pusz aka Servator moderator from LUGPol has tried his strengths in modular building for the first time. The results are amazing.  Someone might argue that the floors are too high for modular building, but someone else might argue that they are too low in regular modulars. Decorations on the outside are just perfect, enough to make facade interesting but not cluttered. The real treats are hiding inside.

Dance School

There is dancing room with piano, balet room and a place to train break dance. The place even has some space for wheelchair dancing! There is also some football player sleeping on money at the roof. If i know Krzysztof that would be Robert Lewandowski.

Some of the girls want to bring some colors to the school painting it pink and clothing one of the statues in their own pink skirt.


This modular was built for LUGPol’s event in Łódź that will be held this weekend, but has already been presented on LUGPol, Zbudujmy.to and Eurobricks where you can read some more on this moc.


Modular Hospital by Pakita

Modulars are very popular LEGO serie, no wonder AFOLs make their own additions to the serie. Take look at this beautiful hospital build by LUGPol’s Pakita. That is her first take at modular, so i wonder what else she could build if she start with such a beauty.

The build includes registration and small storeroom, first floor has an operation room and intensive care section, second floor has maternity ward, head offices and a toilet. Minifigs can move around thanks to an elevator, that actually works.

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