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NPU is finding new usage for parts, usually usage that is not so obvious. There are people who find it the highest form of LEGO Bricks art. I’m one of them, so i culdn’t pass this MOC by Moko.

The most prominent part in this build is the beak that comes from General Grevious constraction figure 75112, but without eyes made out of One Ring from LOTR/Hobbit and part introduced as Unikity tail, the bird wouldn’t be as grat as it is.

Also foots are very clever build, that can be easily missed if you admire the head.

More pictures at Moko’s blog, including building hints. There is also interesting read if you can read Japanese.

Insect Warrior

I do not like Bionicle, those appeared when my dark age has started, i do not have many pieces. No wonder I cannot build with them. Unlike Moko who apparently does. This Insect Warrior is a masterpiece in it’s own class, not only it looks great, but is also very posable.

What kept me away from Bionicles is the fact that original sets are just skeletons with some cover here and there, but when i see a fan build that is full of substance, like with this Moko creation, there is nothing about them not to love.