Skaerbaek Fan Weekend here we come!

Skaerbaek Fan Weekend is the biggest and most prestigious LEGO FAN’s event. It is held in beautiful Skaerbaek conference center near Billund, heart of LEGO World.  This year we will be there again, and not only we will publish photos and videos from event, but we will also visit LEGO House and share our experiences, so stay tuned for the next weekend when we will share all the fun!

One thought on “Skaerbaek Fan Weekend here we come!”

  1. So you go to the event full of energy and ideas, you having lots of fun there and get ready to back home and publish stuff, then you clash with the reality and your plans are gone. If you followed us on facebook or instagram, then there were some live streamings, but i was unable to procure any material for the blog or youtube. It seems i have too much on my head. Sorry guys, it might happen again.

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