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Batman vs Joker in Gotham Theater Showdown

Brickbaron also known as Paul Heterington on Flicker, has build his version of 1950’s batman comic book cover.  Paul is Art Deco lover, and that shows in the MOC.

At first i was amazed with all those ornaments on the walls. Triangle road sign use to build columns is also pretty clever. Floor mosaic near entrance is mesmerizing. There is also a lot of action in this diorama. Joker is attacking with gas that makes cops burst into uncontrollable laughter, Batman and Robin are coming up to the rescue.

It would be cool as it is, but Paul brought the scene to life  with clever use of power functions!

That build is crazy! If we were awarding Crazy Build of the month reward, this diorama would probably take it. Hey! Maybe we actually should start awarding such awards?

In the meantime take a look at some closeups on Paul’s Flickr.

The Scarecrow

Tim Lydy has build a scarecrow. And a scary  one this is indeed! I think it is in the eyes!

The needle hand reminds me of Freddy Kruger of the Nightmare on Elm Street horror serie. Was i scared when i was a kid watching it? However this  character is not ours, but Batman’s nightmare.

Dr. Johnathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow, is one of the Batman’s most fearsome enemies. Utilizing toxins, he creates terrifying hallucinations to kill his victims.