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Strongholder is a creature that is like living stronghold. Something like Ent is walking tree, Strongholder is a walking Castle. I see here some inspiration with one of the latest mixel series, but Crises claims it was inspired by some other toy. Either way it is crazy enough to be posted here.

Biskupin –  premedieval Polish setlement.

After half year of work Bartek H has finished his brick recreation of Biskupin. That long it took from first sketches and LDD project to the final MOC to be created. The build consists of 36000 elements and is 5×4 baseplates big, not counting wooden bridge sticking away.

Here is short history behind Biskupin: Continue reading Biskupin –  premedieval Polish setlement.

The Siege of Dover Castle 1216 

Microscale is something i like to both build and watch. No wonder that this castle by Aido K has drawn my attention. It is not only  very beautiful but also historically accurate.  This siege of Dover Castle is not the first historical work of Aido, take a look at this map depicting political situation in South East England 1216.

What is interesting about this build is unusual use of baseplate and snot map. In both cases there is a lot of brick stacking – technique where parts are not really connected, just stacked one on another. It works well on a photo, but is a paint to take those models to exhibitions, because even weak shakes of the table can rearrange the setup 🙂 Neverthless i cant stop starring at them both.