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Firebird on the tree

I do not know what is more amazing the Firebird or the tree, but together they blow me away There are many NPU in the bird, but the tree is work of art too. Wish builder of this masterpiece Vsefrem luck, as he built this beauty for the contest on Bricker.ru.

A contest always mean more awesome creations, i will keep my eye on it and post my favorites here.

Weekend Chores

I like microscale, i can’t deny,
I like microscale, i cannot lie.

It is no difference with this Grantmaster’s  little backyard scene. There is so much detail with so little pieces. The tree, the swing and the lawn mover are works of NPU art. Well, those green hairs were used as foliage before, but not in this way.

Microscale Herley Quinn

It seems it is superheroes week. We have posted some great superhero MOCs already, but this time it is time for a microscale. This version of Harley Quinn by Grantmasters is not much smaller than minifig, but it has some interesting NPUs and has definetely better body shapes than minifigs.

This is one of those MOCs that proves that you do not need a ton of bricks to make something absolutely amazing!




NPU is finding new usage for parts, usually usage that is not so obvious. There are people who find it the highest form of LEGO Bricks art. I’m one of them, so i culdn’t pass this MOC by Moko.

The most prominent part in this build is the beak that comes from General Grevious constraction figure 75112, but without eyes made out of One Ring from LOTR/Hobbit and part introduced as Unikity tail, the bird wouldn’t be as grat as it is.

Also foots are very clever build, that can be easily missed if you admire the head.

More pictures at Moko’s blog, including building hints. There is also interesting read if you can read Japanese.

Gamabomb’s Robot Crew

Flickt user Gamabomb is an expert mech builder. His recent creation CailIn  isparticularly interesting because of unusual head. Do you wonder how it is made? I was, but the mystery is easily explained when you follow Gamambomb’s photo stream:

Flipped insideout tires are not new to AFOL builders, but mixing them with Star Wars constraction figures helmets is something new.

There are more wonderful creations there, like this one for example:

NPU Birds at museum

Flickr user -derjoe- has come up with new, at least to me, techniques to make birds. That is amazing NPU, and idea worth adopting to your MOCs whenever you need small birds. I can’t decide which one i like more, but the one with the bucket and rattle is definitely less obvious.

Those birds are the highlight of a great scene at the museum:

Sea Horse


We were sitting on one of the Zbudujmy.to exhibitions and sorting through goodie bags. Someone took out those horse armors and said: “Oh, and a whole bag of those! Those are totally useless, you cannot use it otherwise than as a horse armor!” then someone added “Yeah! Those are as useless as those speedzors covers!”

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