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Why are they red and squishy on the inside?

This pretty dynamic and violent scene was made by Chris Maddison and it proves LEGO is much more than just kids toy.

I really like creative use of the rubbers to make up for torn flesh, but the robots are works of art on their own. Also that level of vivid articulation is not easy to achieve with pretty stiff minifigs.

The only thing that could made this photo better, would be brick built scenery.

Gamabomb’s Robot Crew

Flickt user Gamabomb is an expert mech builder. His recent creation CailIn  isparticularly interesting because of unusual head. Do you wonder how it is made? I was, but the mystery is easily explained when you follow Gamambomb’s photo stream:

Flipped insideout tires are not new to AFOL builders, but mixing them with Star Wars constraction figures helmets is something new.

There are more wonderful creations there, like this one for example:

Mr Mietek


Essence of demo scene and brick building is the same: making impossible possible. That’s why i so like NPU.

There are some parts that can only serve one purpose, you cannot do anything with them except what they originally were meant for

I heard that so many times. So Jabba Tail, Death Star shell, and Wigwam are perfect examples of those parts, right? Oh, Mr. Mietek, one of my creations, would not agree. Would you?