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Moon 1969 – first step on the moon.

Here is another entry for Ideas’s LEGO Moments in Space contest. This one depicts first step of the moon. If you want to have it as gift with purchase set on Shop@Home, please vote for it here.

Funny story is, when i started building it got a little bit carried away. The number of elements is right, as both versions have about 300 of them, but the size is 2 times too big ­čÖé

I like the look of it a lot, but the contest version is the small one.

Please also check my other try at this contest here:  http://crazy.builders/2018/02/10/3-2-1-liftoff/


3… 2… 1… LIFTOFF!!!

This is my entry into LEGO Moments in Space contest on IDEAS.

If you like it,┬á please vote and it may become Gift with Purchase Set available at Shop@Home.┬á The set has 2 modes – first is the rocket standing on a platform that can be great ornament on any shelf, second is the rocket in the very moment of start, which looks even greater.

Here is a closer look:

Sword Class spaceship

Micha┼é Ka┼║mierczak aka Migalart does it again. Another of his creation is mind blowing. This space ship is huge and very detailed. Use of fluorescent paint adds to the look by making series of windows glowing. The ship is built as a prop for his space comic, but this project, even with Micha┼é’s dedication will probably take several years. I just can’t wait!

Postcard from the past – Chibi VW Beetle in classic space style.

Remember the VolksWagen Beetle Expert set 10252 that was recently released? Luigi Priori┬áhas just built chibi version of it in a classic space style. Then the photo is stylized into 70’s postcard with a flower-power uncled of Benny the Spaceman as the driver.

Luigi admits he got inspired by Gerald Cacas with his chibi version of the Beetle built right after announcement of the 10252 set. The picture is stylized in a way of Benny’s adventures Luigi is publishing for some time. But that is a story for another post.

Hercules – The Spaceship

Michał Kaźmierczak aka Migalart is building a spaceship fleet for his brick built comic book. He surely can photo edit to make his creations look great.

But if you want to admire the build more than pretty photo here is the version that will let you look at the great greebling. Notice how the small windows were made with plain 1×1┬átransparent plates┬áand some gray tape.

I’m sure this is not the last time we will host Micha┼é here. Oh and as a bonus, take a look at the ship from his comic in microscale:

Ulysse 31 inspired spaceship.

I cannot pass greatly built spaceship when i see one. That is the case with this creation by┬áGolPlaysWithLego┬áwhich is loosely inspired by Odysseus, iconic starship from Ulysse 31 – Freanch/Japanese TV serie from the 80’s.

I love the unusual rounded shape and some small details that make this MOC shine.

Party on a cosmic scale!

This photo taken by┬áJulius von Brunk┬áis so amazing i couldn’t resist posting it. It has so much life within it, and the classic space theme is also making it very special for me.

The far-out intergalactic space rock band The Highway Stars performing in front of a group of ‘nauts!

Says Julius in description of his photo.  The skill of photography is also very high with this one. Photo was taken with a glass plate and a set of Christmas Lights. I would need to experiment with such setup, i ll share my experiences if i do.

Now follow Julius on Flickr as he has much more treats of advanced  Lego Photography.


Merkabah – Space Gunship

It is not often that new member joins your LUG and first time he post he shows something that would make Benny want to trade his Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship! for.

That was the case with Brickmartil and Zbudujmy.to

Follow BrickMartil on his flickr account.

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