Microscale City Winner

Letranger Absurde‘s Petra is winning entry of RoLUG ‘s Microscale City Contest. Congratulations! The MOC looks really amazing, and it could be turned into genuine LEGO Architecture set as it is, but i advise you to see the rest of the competition as there are more cool builds.

Eiffel Tower

Here is my version of famous Eiffel Tower. Unlike Palace of Culture, i have never seen it with my own eyes, so i was building entirely using photos and blueprints as a reference. It is more like artistic impression of the Tower, then the exact model, but taking in consideration that this shape is not very brick friendly, i’m pretty happy with the end result. There is a little story behind it too, so “stay away and listen”. Continue reading Eiffel Tower

Alien Head

I was speaking yesterday about making odd shapes out of lego, sure the dice i posted was great example, but this alien by Mihai Mrius Mihu is even better as shapes here are really crazy!

This is not build from usual XxY bricks, but all the parts are genuine LEGO.  It also proves what Ivan Angeli always says “Each LEGO piece is useful”.

If we were giving crazy.builder titles to people, Mihai would definitely get it.

Gas Station

29082169381_7c8212c966_o (2)

Alejandro Burdisio diesel punk illustrations are ave inspiring. No wonder Crises from Zbudujmy.to got inspired to build this floating gas station. It is not perfect recreation, but rather creative approach keeping all the main qualities of the original work and adding his personal touch.

Here is painting that was inspiration for this MOC:

gas station

Overwatch: Winston

If you like quality gaming you wouldn’t pass any of the Blizzard titles, those are full of polish and interesting characters. One of them is Winston, gorilla in a powersuit, this time built by  Polywen‘s (aka Paul Lee). Entire model is really good, but the face is really shining – resemblance is greater that you would expect from something built with bricks.