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LEGO Ideas 2017 first batch review.

Over the past several months, the LEGO Review Board has carefully reviewed the 11 projects that reached 10,000 supporters between January and May 2017, our first review qualification period of 2017. We’re grateful for the energy and effort that each member has put into their project, as it’s certainly a big feat to get 10,000 supporters in itself. Congrats to everyone!

Tron Legacy Light Cycle

Congratulations to BrickBros UK for their inspired design, which will officially become one of the next LEGO Ideas sets!

We can’t wait to see Tom and Drew’s Tron Legacy Light Cycle come to life in LEGO bricks.

If you’d like to learn more about Tom & Drew then make sure to check out their 10K Club Interview.

Classic Space IDEA set

I rarely write about Lego ideas submissions, unless they are already made into the official set, but this time i feel the urge to share this project to help make it happen!

What m’i talking about? I’m talking about Cristiano Grassi’s project you can see on the picture below:

Playing In Space Since 1978 by Cristiano Grassi
Playing In Space Since 1978 by Cristiano Grassi

Do if you, like me, are a Classic Space fan go to the Lego Ideas site and vote!

Third 2016 LEGO Ideas review results!

So we now have long awaited third 2016 lego ideas review results!

Here is list of competing projects and results:

A big congratulations to JakeSadovich77 on becoming the next official LEGO Ideas fan designer!

As an avid LEGO builder, Jacob Sadovich was inspired to create his LEGO Ship in a Bottle, The Flaship Leviathan, following a real-life ship in a bottle that he had built just a few years ago.

There was also one more project selected to be made Lego Ideas set:

Voltron – Defender of the Universe

A big congratulations to len_d69 on becoming the next official LEGO Ideas fan designer!

Leandro’s passion for Voltron started at a very young age when his parents bought him a Voltron toy. From that moment on Leandro was hooked. Building with LEGO bricks allowed Leandro to celebrate his passion for Voltron – Defender of the Universe even more.

And next time one of the following sets will be made official LEGO Set.

What do YOU think it will be?

More LEGO for nerds – LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time set


That is recently released official image of the Adventure Time 21308 set that will be produced in LEGO Ideas serie. The original fan project was submited by aBetterMonjey.

I consider myself to be a nerd, but Adventure Time animation is not hitting my sweet spot. LEGO version of it? That’s a different story 😉

Changes on LEGO Ideas

Tim Courtney of Lego Ideas, has informed us on LEGO Ideas Blog about update in their  Guidelines and House Rules and Terms of Service to clarify the range of submission they are able to produce as LEGO Ideas sets. This includes new limits to project size, scope, and subject matter. We’ve also simplified guidelines for collaborative projects.  You can read the changes after you klik read more, but for TLDR lovers here are main changes in a nutshell:

  • If an IP makes into LEGO Ideas set, no other submissions with the same IP will be accepted.
  • It is now clear that the size limit for a project is 3000 pieces.
  • New restrictions on the projects are: No weapon replicas, no elements inappropriate for LEGO, no Dimensions expansion ideas.
  • Easier to submit cooperation projects
  • Guidelines what to write in submission description.

So Lego Ideas got a little bit limited, then on the other hand the rules are much more clear now, and it is easier to guess what to expect od your submissions. Not being LAN Ambassador anymore, i will be able to put some of my projects on LEGO ideas too, so stay tuned.

In depth changes list after read more

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