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Skaerbaek Fan Weekend here we come!

Skaerbaek Fan Weekend is the biggest and most prestigious LEGO FAN’s event. It is held in beautiful Skaerbaek conference center near Billund, heart of LEGO World.  This year we will be there again, and not only we will publish photos and videos from event, but we will also visit LEGO House and share our experiences, so stay tuned for the next weekend when we will share all the fun!

Monday Programme for Skaerbaek Fan Weekend announced

If you are one of those crazy afols that go to Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in Denmark, you would be interested that Monday programme has been announced.

LEGO House construction site during Skarebaek Fan Weekend visit in 2015
LEGO House construction site during Skarebaek Fan Weekend visit in 2015

This time it is visit at construction site of LEGO house, and usual visit to the Employee Shop.

Also Signup for Big Box od LEGO started at the same time, so if you are going to attend the event be quick, as the spots are going out quickly.

What is LEGO House?

LEGO House is going to be a hands-on minds-on experience center where children and fans of all ages can experience the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. It will be a place where the visitors are offered an active and fun as well as educational and inspiring experience based on everything that LEGO play has to offer.

Great Ball Contraprion Skaerbaek 2012

I was always amazed by those Great Ball Contraprions i saw on the internet. This time i was able to see it with my very own eyes. I have to admit it makes even greater impression when seen live. All i can share with you from this experience is this video, though.