Why are they red and squishy on the inside?

This pretty dynamic and violent scene was made by Chris Maddison and it proves LEGO is much more than just kids toy.

I really like creative use of the rubbers to make up for torn flesh, but the robots are works of art on their own. Also that level of vivid articulation is not easy to achieve with pretty stiff minifigs.

The only thing that could made this photo better, would be brick built scenery.

Certified LEGO Store opens in POLAND

Certified LEGO Store in POLAND

If you walk in Galeria Mokotów shopping center in Warsaw, Poland you can stumble upon a view depicted in a photo above. Yes! Certified LEGO Store opens in Poland soon.

Fans are already getting excited, especially about Pick a Brick wall, but judging form experiences form other countries deals and level of service can vary greatly from what people are used to in genuine Lego Brand Retail stores. How will it look here? We don’t know yet, but we are full of hopes and will definitely write an report form opening, so stay tuned and subscribe.


Galeria Mokotów
ul. Wołoska 12
02-675 Warszawa/ Polska

Photo by Piotr Machalski aka Stelario

Kaneda’s Bike from AKIRA

Akira is a classic of both Manga and Anime, and there is no other thing more iconic to those genres than the red bike. This brick version of the thing built by Flicker’s M. Mipi is shing bright because it combines 3 factors: It is minifig scale, it is very detailed and it looks great.

Of course this is not the first version of this classic. Blog Tiles or Studs keeps track of all known builds of Kaneda’s Bike. Follow this link if you are interested.

Biskupin –  premedieval Polish setlement.

After half year of work Bartek H has finished his brick recreation of Biskupin. That long it took from first sketches and LDD project to the final MOC to be created. The build consists of 36000 elements and is 5×4 baseplates big, not counting wooden bridge sticking away.

Here is short history behind Biskupin: Continue reading Biskupin –  premedieval Polish setlement.

The longest sandwich in the Kingdom

Seems we are turning into food blog. First i posted about Brick Shaped Sandwiches now Crises built this funny scene with the longest sandwich in the kingdom.

Crises’s horseshoe shaped bakery scene is quite simple, yet detailed. Take a look the laundry, and the privy at the back.

Bon appetite!

Source: Najdłuższa kanapka w Królestwie

Fallout 4’s Abernathy Farm

Building with Lego usually leads to straight angles and everything clean and tidy. Wookieewarrior proves that something totally opposite can be achieved too. This requires insane amount of skill and creativity. There is almost no straight angle in this build!

Fallout 4 fans will recognize this location easily. Beautifully edited photo adds to the awesomeness, but the greatness of this build is just crazy trough the roof! It does not even look as Lego at first glance!

Battle Royal

When you are Wrestling Fan it is nice to have friends like Bartłomiej  Sekua, as you might get such a diorama as a birthday present.

There is so much action in such a small diorama, and the ring ropes are cleverly built.

Not being wrestling fan myself i only recognize The Undertaker, or m’i wrong? Do YOU know who are the other wrestlers in the ring?

Source: Battle Royal

Gamabomb’s Robot Crew

Flickt user Gamabomb is an expert mech builder. His recent creation CailIn  isparticularly interesting because of unusual head. Do you wonder how it is made? I was, but the mystery is easily explained when you follow Gamambomb’s photo stream:

Flipped insideout tires are not new to AFOL builders, but mixing them with Star Wars constraction figures helmets is something new.

There are more wonderful creations there, like this one for example:

Insect Warrior

I do not like Bionicle, those appeared when my dark age has started, i do not have many pieces. No wonder I cannot build with them. Unlike Moko who apparently does. This Insect Warrior is a masterpiece in it’s own class, not only it looks great, but is also very posable.

What kept me away from Bionicles is the fact that original sets are just skeletons with some cover here and there, but when i see a fan build that is full of substance, like with this Moko creation, there is nothing about them not to love.


What is the better way to invite fellow AFOLs to your event than by making MOC? I do not know better, as did Krzysztof Pusz  of LUGPol who built this inviting scene.

The event will take place in:
Łódzki Dom Kultury
ul. Traugutta 18

The date is 2-3.07.2016, that is next weekend. You can find more info on LUGPol’s website if you are interested to go.

We will be there on Saturday as regular visitors, and will be capturing some video footage and photos, so subscribe or follow us on facebook not to miss the report.