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Alternative models of 911720 SW Ghost

LUGPol is just running a contest  where you need to make  alternative models of  911720 SW Ghost  foilpack.  I prepared a few ideas.

Minifg’s Gym

I wanted to create something not obvious, so my first choice was a gym. Is that obvious? Not for me, as i cannot recall when i was last at the gym…

From left to right: drink water tank/resting place, squeezing bench, barbells stand, stepper bench.

Unused elements: 0


Almost any set with wheels can be turned into Dragster. This one does not have wheels per se, but as you see can be turned into a dragster anyway.

Unused elements: 2




If you can make a dragster out of the set, you can turn it into a spaceship, if you cannot make a dragster, then you can make it into a spaceship, or a fleet of.

Unused elements: 0 (well, one is unattached and is used only to level one of the ships)


Nexus and his dog

“Nexus and his dog” used to be a theme of one of the old contest. Thos time Nexus is quite robotic and the dog resembles more a turkey then the dog.  Well, at least all parts are used 🙂

Unused  elements: 0

look from behind:



Snail vs Turtle race has to be fierce! Either way we have something for animal lovers.

Unused elements: 14 (shame on me!)

That was  only a warm-up.  We only can put one build into the contest, so here is my entry. Wish me luck!

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope!

I’m happy i kept the SW theme here.

Unused elements: 12 (quite a few, but the result was worth it, and it was no requirement, but i always challenge myself to try to use all elements)

Wish me luck!  And write what else would you like me to build out of this set?

Microscale City Winner

Letranger Absurde‘s Petra is winning entry of RoLUG ‘s Microscale City Contest. Congratulations! The MOC looks really amazing, and it could be turned into genuine LEGO Architecture set as it is, but i advise you to see the rest of the competition as there are more cool builds.

Weekend Chores

I like microscale, i can’t deny,
I like microscale, i cannot lie.

It is no difference with this Grantmaster’s  little backyard scene. There is so much detail with so little pieces. The tree, the swing and the lawn mover are works of NPU art. Well, those green hairs were used as foliage before, but not in this way.

Microscale Herley Quinn

It seems it is superheroes week. We have posted some great superhero MOCs already, but this time it is time for a microscale. This version of Harley Quinn by Grantmasters is not much smaller than minifig, but it has some interesting NPUs and has definetely better body shapes than minifigs.

This is one of those MOCs that proves that you do not need a ton of bricks to make something absolutely amazing!



Micro AT-ST

Seems this week is microscale week, so many cool micro builds were posted on the net. One of them is Simon Liu‘s scene where micro AT-ST are guarding some bunker.

Those walker are one of the smallest i have seen, yet they are extremely detailed. That is not first time Simon shows his building skills, and i’m sure there is more to come.

And no. This is not the scene from Empire Strikes back, that would have more green in it. This is Star Wars Battlefront build.

The Siege of Dover Castle 1216 

Microscale is something i like to both build and watch. No wonder that this castle by Aido K has drawn my attention. It is not only  very beautiful but also historically accurate.  This siege of Dover Castle is not the first historical work of Aido, take a look at this map depicting political situation in South East England 1216.

What is interesting about this build is unusual use of baseplate and snot map. In both cases there is a lot of brick stacking – technique where parts are not really connected, just stacked one on another. It works well on a photo, but is a paint to take those models to exhibitions, because even weak shakes of the table can rearrange the setup 🙂 Neverthless i cant stop starring at them both.


GARC by Blake Foster is a perfect example how adding some stickers can bring a lot of details to the model. Without those orange stripes and other ornaments, this model would not look as awesome. On a model that scale it wouldnt be possible to add so much depth and texture.

I feel inspired to try more stickers in my works. Thanks Blake!