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Karate kick!

Making minifigs dynamic is not easy task, but this time Piotr Machalski aka Stelario of Zbudujmy.to has done it pretty well. I knew some trick to make it happen but not this one. Added ekstra is that the base is built diagonally, something you do not see often.

Clasic Space Man in minifigs.

I do not usually favor digital building, but this image of Clasic
Spaceman made out of Spaceman minifigures is crazy enough to get blogged here.  I love the use of perspective and creative placement of the minifigs. There are even some mini sets hidden there according to Aldo K who setup this crazy creation.

As mentioned earlier, this is digital creation, setup and rendered in Blender. Follow Aldo K on flicker to look at the same scen seen from different perspective. Or just have a quick look below:


This minifig built by Paskal from Technic pieces  is another proof that you do not need many bricks to  build some thing cool.  It is powerful in it’s simplicity. Rarely i see something that poseable.

This is real threat, an i bet it can inspire many builders. I would build an army of those characters myself, if only i was not busy with other projects…