Slime busters

Letranger Absurde from Romania recently became one of my favorite builders. I love how he puts so much character into figures he build. This one is especially good because he managed to capture so much dynamism in this scene, and there are some nice parts usages like the scarf from mexican collectible minifig. The only thing that makes this photo less than perfect is the fake HDR look. Other than that, it’s crazy!

Clasic Space Man in minifigs.

I do not usually favor digital building, but this image of Clasic
Spaceman made out of Spaceman minifigures is crazy enough to get blogged here.  I love the use of perspective and creative placement of the minifigs. There are even some mini sets hidden there according to Aldo K who setup this crazy creation.

As mentioned earlier, this is digital creation, setup and rendered in Blender. Follow Aldo K on flicker to look at the same scen seen from different perspective. Or just have a quick look below:

Radagast House

Radagast was twisted mage, no wonder his house looks a bit crazy, so does the build by David Hensel. Roofs made out of robots arms are not really that new, but here they fir perfectly. Everything with this build seems to look perfect – shapes, colors, photoediting create synergy that makes looking at this moc pure pleasure.

Weekend Chores

I like microscale, i can’t deny,
I like microscale, i cannot lie.

It is no difference with this Grantmaster’s  little backyard scene. There is so much detail with so little pieces. The tree, the swing and the lawn mover are works of NPU art. Well, those green hairs were used as foliage before, but not in this way.


This minifig built by Paskal from Technic pieces  is another proof that you do not need many bricks to  build some thing cool.  It is powerful in it’s simplicity. Rarely i see something that poseable.

This is real threat, an i bet it can inspire many builders. I would build an army of those characters myself, if only i was not busy with other projects…

100 years of firefighters history.

Galaktek has built a series of MOCs depicting Mercedes-Benz firefighting trucks throughout history.  The trucks, ranging from about 1912 to 2012, are build in a LEGO Set style,  being sturdy and playable. They even have some extra element for additional playability.

For more photos, see the links to any of the trucks:

Benz Feuerwehr-Motorspritze (1912)

Mercedes-Benz L 6600 (1950s)

Mercedes-Benz L 322 (1959)

Meredes-Benz Unimog 406 (1960s)

Mercedes-Benz 1422 (1970s)

Mercedes-Benz Atego (2005 and later)

Brick life is not always bright.

Brick builds are usually cheerful, bright and happy. That is not always the case. More serious and gloomy builds are pretty rare, and even rarer when done such well, as this MOC by Mike M.

There is so much depth in this build  and so much emotions. You can feel depression of the figure in the photo, and it’s need to escape the pain.  There are moments in life it can also resonate with me  very deeply,

From the brighter sides, notice the illusion on the walls that makes lines seem to not be parallel.  Great build!