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Classic Space IDEA set

I rarely write about Lego ideas submissions, unless they are already made into the official set, but this time i feel the urge to share this project to help make it happen!

What m’i talking about? I’m talking about Cristiano Grassi’s project you can see on the picture below:

Playing In Space Since 1978 by Cristiano Grassi
Playing In Space Since 1978 by Cristiano Grassi

Do if you, like me, are a Classic Space fan go to the Lego Ideas site and vote!

Classic Space Pacman

Pacman is even more classic in games than Classic Space is classic in LEGO bricks. How classic is PacMan in Classic Space version? I do not know! Mind blown!

This crazy version of PacMan was built by David Roberts. The build is really nice, but i guess it would be possible to make PacMan ship even rounder. Then it is a spaceship, a little bit of edge here and there seems pretty ok.

On a side note, can we expect PacMan minifig from LEGO? Or other game characters? But we can for sure count on the fans in that matter.

Clasic Space Man in minifigs.

I do not usually favor digital building, but this image of Clasic
Spaceman made out of Spaceman minifigures is crazy enough to get blogged here.  I love the use of perspective and creative placement of the minifigs. There are even some mini sets hidden there according to Aldo K who setup this crazy creation.

As mentioned earlier, this is digital creation, setup and rendered in Blender. Follow Aldo K on flicker to look at the same scen seen from different perspective. Or just have a quick look below:

Postcard from the past – Chibi VW Beetle in classic space style.

Remember the VolksWagen Beetle Expert set 10252 that was recently released? Luigi Priori has just built chibi version of it in a classic space style. Then the photo is stylized into 70’s postcard with a flower-power uncled of Benny the Spaceman as the driver.

Luigi admits he got inspired by Gerald Cacas with his chibi version of the Beetle built right after announcement of the 10252 set. The picture is stylized in a way of Benny’s adventures Luigi is publishing for some time. But that is a story for another post.

Party on a cosmic scale!

This photo taken by Julius von Brunk is so amazing i couldn’t resist posting it. It has so much life within it, and the classic space theme is also making it very special for me.

The far-out intergalactic space rock band The Highway Stars performing in front of a group of ‘nauts!

Says Julius in description of his photo.  The skill of photography is also very high with this one. Photo was taken with a glass plate and a set of Christmas Lights. I would need to experiment with such setup, i ll share my experiences if i do.

Now follow Julius on Flickr as he has much more treats of advanced  Lego Photography.