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Gas Station

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Alejandro Burdisio diesel punk illustrations are ave inspiring. No wonder Crises from Zbudujmy.to got inspired to build this floating gas station. It is not perfect recreation, but rather creative approach keeping all the main qualities of the original work and adding his personal touch.

Here is painting that was inspiration for this MOC:

gas station


Strongholder is a creature that is like living stronghold. Something like Ent is walking tree, Strongholder is a walking Castle. I see here some inspiration with one of the latest mixel series, but Crises claims it was inspired by some other toy. Either way it is crazy enough to be posted here.

The longest sandwich in the Kingdom

Seems we are turning into food blog. First i posted about Brick Shaped Sandwiches now Crises built this funny scene with the longest sandwich in the kingdom.

Crises’s horseshoe shaped bakery scene is quite simple, yet detailed. Take a look the laundry, and the privy at the back.

Bon appetite!

Source: Najdłuższa kanapka w Królestwie