Certified LEGO Store opens in POLAND

Certified LEGO Store in POLAND

If you walk in Galeria Mokotów shopping center in Warsaw, Poland you can stumble upon a view depicted in a photo above. Yes! Certified LEGO Store opens in Poland soon.

Fans are already getting excited, especially about Pick a Brick wall, but judging form experiences form other countries deals and level of service can vary greatly from what people are used to in genuine Lego Brand Retail stores. How will it look here? We don’t know yet, but we are full of hopes and will definitely write an report form opening, so stay tuned and subscribe.


Galeria Mokotów
ul. Wołoska 12
02-675 Warszawa/ Polska

Photo by Piotr Machalski aka Stelario

One thought on “Certified LEGO Store opens in POLAND”

  1. A little explanation:
    Lego Brand Retail is owned by LEGO while Lego Certified Store is franchise. There are few key differences – in LCF there are no VIP points, promotions differ from LEGO online stores, selection of Pick a Brick elements is often more limited and shop owners can set up their own rules and prices on PAB.

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