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100 years of firefighters history.

Galaktek has built a series of MOCs depicting Mercedes-Benz firefighting trucks throughout history.  The trucks, ranging from about 1912 to 2012, are build in a LEGO Set style,  being sturdy and playable. They even have some extra element for additional playability.

For more photos, see the links to any of the trucks:

Benz Feuerwehr-Motorspritze (1912)

Mercedes-Benz L 6600 (1950s)

Mercedes-Benz L 322 (1959)

Meredes-Benz Unimog 406 (1960s)

Mercedes-Benz 1422 (1970s)

Mercedes-Benz Atego (2005 and later)

Mercedes Actros Fire Truck 

Mercedes Arctos is quite popular in LEGO, mainly because of the 42043 flagship Technic model of year 2015. Firefighters is quite often build theme by AFOLs. Smigol of Zbudujmy.to joins those two trends with his 2 minifig firefighting trucks.

Those are not the first firebrigade cars he built, and as usually those are full of detail. Take a look at some more of those little MOC’s photos and follow Kamil’s flickr.