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More LEGO for nerds – LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time set


That is recently released official image of the Adventure Time 21308 set that will be produced in LEGO Ideas serie. The original fan project was submited by aBetterMonjey.

I consider myself to be a nerd, but Adventure Time animation is not hitting my sweet spot. LEGO version of it? That’s a different story 😉

LEGO for Nerds


LEGO announced on Facebook that DC Cube Dudes will first be available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con but will then be available to everyone in 2017. Presumably they will be packaged exclusively for the convention and then sold worldwide in January. Each set of two figures will retail for $40 at the event, with one for sale each day.

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71040 Disney Castle

Marcos Bessa presenting Disney’s Cindirella Castle set 71040. It has many Disney references scatered across the place. Here are some details:

  • Five minifigures: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Tinker Bell
  • 4,080 pieces
  • USD $349.99
  • Available direct from on September 1, 2016.
  • Castle is 74 cm (29″) high, 44cm  17″cm) wide, and 31cm (12″) deep.

If i got that set i wouldn’t put it out of display anytime soon, it looks georgous!

10252 Volkswagen Beetle creator expert announced

Lego revealed today another set from Creator Expert serie. Iconic car is not the first brick construction in the company portfolio coming from VW. There was VW Camper as well as mini VW Camper, and of course 10187 version of the Beetle that was a lot more blocky than this super slick car in azure-blue.

10252 Volkswagen Beetle

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