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The LEGO Group launches a new educational “fun-fact” series on its newly created STEM YouTube Kids channel, LEGO Discover.

How far is it to the moon? What are rainbows? Which was the first animal to go into space?

Those are exactly the questions the new “Explained with LEGO Bricks” series is aiming to answer with both educational facts through live-action, but also humorous LEGO stop motion sections and cut-scenes.

The show’s purpose is to use the fun of the LEGO Bricks to draw kids in a topic they would be naturally curious about, and prompt them to know more. All episodes will aim to do this with various topics about science, nature and technology as part of the larger effort to get more kids interested into STEM related topics.

Early October, the LEGO Group launched a dedicated YouTube Kids channel for everything STEM related: LEGO Discover. This channel aim is to teach kids modern skills in a fun way thanks to the LEGO product and bricks and make the overall LEGO STEAM programs and initiatives accessible to a younger audience. The channel community has already grown to over 10,000 subscribers.