Modular Hospital by Pakita

Modulars are very popular LEGO serie, no wonder AFOLs make their own additions to the serie. Take look at this beautiful hospital build by LUGPol’s Pakita. That is her first take at modular, so i wonder what else she could build if she start with such a beauty.

The build includes registration and small storeroom, first floor has an operation room and intensive care section, second floor has maternity ward, head offices and a toilet. Minifigs can move around thanks to an elevator, that actually works.

LUGPol has some kind of internal event about building modulars, which will be presented at their summer exposition. I’m dying to know  what else will they build. I plan to go there and record the event on video, so subscribe and stay tuned. Meanwhile take a look at some photos of the hospital (for even more go to LUGPol forums)

Source: Forum LUGPol :: Zobacz temat – [MOC] SZPITAL modular

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