Faun Valley – Summer Joust 2016 Contest entry from Zbudujmy.to

Just a few days ago submission deadline for Summer Joust 2016 Contest has passed.  One of the entries from Zbudujmy.to was Faun Valley project built by Dzidek, Filozof and Toltomeja

The Fauns are a small community leading its peaceful life close to the nature. They are known for their love for apples. As a community they love the red apples the most. But the green ones are also desired as they are used for making the greatest cider in all the lands known.


The green apples are transported to places like this where they are manufactured by Fauns into cider. Fauns love their work, milling and pressing the apples, although it is not easy. The drink is then distributed among the folk of Faun Valley.


Every year the Fauns gather at the Shrine to thank Nature for the treasures it has given them. Among them, the sweet red apples that the Valley is famous for.

I keep my fingers crossed for the guys, and i wish them luck, as competition is strong.

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