Summer Joust 2016 final results

Result for summer Joust 2016 contest run on Flicker were published. There were over 130 entries and some of them we even blogged here. My fellow LUGers got some honorable mention, and Toltomeja even won Conquering Hero award. Congratulations to all participants, all those MOCs were great.

And the results are:

Natural Beauty Category

WookieWarrior:  Temple of Oxomoco

Faction Action Category

Aido K:  The Treasure Troll’s Lair

The Historian Category

Aido K:   England 1216-The First Baron’s War

Castle Interior(s) Category

Brickvader: Secret Door

Vignette Category

Marcel V.: Nocturnian Floating Castle

Guild Creation  Category

Mastik Guild

Kiyonobu Military Center

Khanibre Castle

The Village of Manigb

The Black Dragon

For runner ups, and some extra awards go to the original results post. I wonder which ones were your favorites?

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