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How do we transport our models?

How do we transport our models? Is the question we often hear on our exhibitions. Today i have 2 videos showing hour our models are transported:

If you wonder, the boxes are made out of 5 layer cardboard in a  international standard FEFCO301. We ordered them here: but i would recommend finding local producer, as the boxes have to be sent folded, and that would be quite expensive.

As you see on video we have one of the sides unstapled so you can easily open it and remove the model. Cover is fully stapled.

If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments, either here or on facebook.

2×3 bricks shaped sandwiches


What would a fan of Lego bricks eat for breakfast? A set of 2×3 brick shaped sandwiches. Big thank you for my girlfriend Ania for making them.

Sandwiches in Poland differ form the western ones. We only use one slice of bread to make them. The plus is, you can make them look like 2×3 plates. Well, different configurations are possible too, all depends on the shape of bread and what you put on it. I bet most of the kids would love to eat such a treat too, just now it would be harder to persuade them not to play with food 😉


Bon appetite!