LEGO Movie 2 premiere pushed back to 2019

Lego Movie 2
Lego Movie 2

LEGO Movie directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, was an unspoken success (earned $469 million worldwide), no wonder Sequel was planned to by released in 2017. That date was then moved to May, 2018, and it was recently moved again to 8th of February 2019. Rob Schreb, writer, comedian and tv director/producer will debut as a movie director

With so much pushing that date does not seem final. There are other LEGO movies that are being produced right now. So while we wait for LEGO Movie sequel, we will be able to see The LEGO Batman Movie in 2017, The LEGO Ninjago Movie also in 2017 and The Billion Brick Race gods know when.

Which of those movies are you most looking for?


Warner Bros Pushes ‘Lego Movie 2’ Release To 2019

Party on a cosmic scale!

This photo taken by Julius von Brunk is so amazing i couldn’t resist posting it. It has so much life within it, and the classic space theme is also making it very special for me.

The far-out intergalactic space rock band The Highway Stars performing in front of a group of ‘nauts!

Says Julius in description of his photo.  The skill of photography is also very high with this one. Photo was taken with a glass plate and a set of Christmas Lights. I would need to experiment with such setup, i ll share my experiences if i do.

Now follow Julius on Flickr as he has much more treats of advanced  Lego Photography.


Mercedes Actros Fire Truck 

Mercedes Arctos is quite popular in LEGO, mainly because of the 42043 flagship Technic model of year 2015. Firefighters is quite often build theme by AFOLs. Smigol of joins those two trends with his 2 minifig firefighting trucks.

Those are not the first firebrigade cars he built, and as usually those are full of detail. Take a look at some more of those little MOC’s photos and follow Kamil’s flickr.


Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science in LEGO by Jetboy of

Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science was originally build by Russian architect Lew Rudniew in 1952-1955. This  LEGO brick version  was built by me (Jetboy) during 2015-2016.

This build consist of almost 30000 bricks, is over 125 cm high, and it is the biggest thing i ever built. It’s base 4×5 baseplates, although i seen bigger things built out of LEGO bricks, is huge enough to call it crazy.

In late 2015 Polish LUGs were approached by LEGO Poland, to build some most iconic Polish landmarks AFOL style fir their Zone of Adult Fans of LEGO. We made projects in LDD, and 4 of them were selected to be built with real bricks. Palace of Culture and Science was one of them. It took me  about half year from starting project in LDD to handing the model to LEGO Poland, it was and adventure of it’s own. I will write in depth article about it soon. Subscribe, so you will not miss it!

Palace of Culture and Science in LEGO by Jetboy of


I was building it keeping LEGO Architecture style in mind. That’s why there is that black, stripe around it. The thing is that Palace is so huge, i had to make it 2 studs wide, as one stud tiles would be hardly noticeable.

Continue reading Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science

The Last Mission – LEGO Sci-Fi comic book by Michał Kazmierczak

Fellow AFOL Michał Kazmierczak also known as Migalart, famous for his extreme builds of Erebor and Mustafar has just published his brick build comic book.

The entire work took him about half year of hard work, where he put both his building and photographic skills to the test. The effect is stunning! Some example photos after the break: Continue reading The Last Mission – LEGO Sci-Fi comic book by Michał Kazmierczak

A Few Adventures of Sparrow Tweet

“A Few Adventures of Sparrow Tweet” (Przygód kilka wróbla Ćwirka) is a Polish cartoon from the 80’s from Se-Ma-For studio, more well known for it’s Flappy Bear (Bear Flappy Ear) stop motion animation. Animation itself was mediocre, but wonderful narration of Jan Kobuszewski was making up for it. That however was lost in translation and the series never was very popular outside Poland.

This beautiful creation of Sparrow Tweet, and his friend Klekot* in under who’s nest Tweet was living was brought to you by BHs, who built it for LUGPol‘s exhibition in Łódz Poland. That is where Se-Ma-For studio was located, hence the “Polish Cartoons” theme of the show.

Daniel Krentz, retired LEGO designer passed away last weekend.

Yesterday i read on Mark Staffords flickr photostream:

Daniel Krentz, retired LEGO designer passed away at the weekend.

That is sad news, because Daniel was not only lego designer who
brought us classic sets like Yellow Castle,  but he was probably first Adult Fan of Lego.

Daniel was born and raised in the USA in 1937 living in Colorado and Chicago, he discovered LEGO bricks while at college in the 1960’s. He bought as many brick packs as he could afford on his salary and soon his fan creations came to the attention of LEGO’s US distributor at the time (Samsonite) who began using them as display models to increase sales. Soon after they showed off his MOCs to visiting LEGO reps he was recruited to be a designer in Billund Denmark. He was both the first AFOL and the first non-Dane hired to be a designer by the company. He started work as a designer in the mid 1970’s and continued until the year 2000. In Denmark he fell in love and married his wife who passed in the 1990’s, attended church every Sunday and lived a quiet peaceful life in Billund building with LEGO bricks every single day.

Daniel was the designer of many LEGO sets in his time but among his most iconic sets are:

375 Classic Yellow Castle (and all the castle sets that launched with it)

6067 Guarded Inn

6073 Knights Castle

6074 Black Falcons Fortress

6078 Royal Drawbridge

6081 Kings Mountain Fortress

6267 Lagoon Lock Up

6276 Eldorado Fortress

And dozens upon dozens of others.

His funeral is on Tuesday 21st.

If his work or life had a positive impact on yours we will make sure his family gets any messages you would like to leave.

After retiring Daniel has kept his interests in LEGO. I have meet him during last Fan Weekend, unfortunately we did not talk long enough. Daniel had inspired so many builders with his creations… He will be missed.

There has been article about him in 3rd issue of Bricks Culture by    Are J Heiseldal. If you cannot get the paper issue, you can read article on Are’s flickr stream.

The X-Files “Fox Mulders Office”

X-files, the tv series is going back to the screens with new season soon. What better way to celebrate that than with a Lego build? Markus Aspasher did so, and he did it great.

It is an entry for German site Imperium Der Steine contest Serienjunkies .

The X-Files "Fox Mulders Office"

That brings up the question, with lego pursuing everything tv/movie related recently, will we get official X-files set? Ideas maybe?

WW2 in LEGO set up in Evansville Museum.

If this photo is not Crazy enough to be posted on Crazy Builders, then i don’t know what is.

Some crazy builds by Daniel Siskind and friends, and one of the builders that is crazy enough to walk on his hands, as they are setting up weekend exhibition in Evansville Museum, Indiana, USA.

I wish i could go.

Monday Programme for Skaerbaek Fan Weekend announced

If you are one of those crazy afols that go to Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in Denmark, you would be interested that Monday programme has been announced.

LEGO House construction site during Skarebaek Fan Weekend visit in 2015
LEGO House construction site during Skarebaek Fan Weekend visit in 2015

This time it is visit at construction site of LEGO house, and usual visit to the Employee Shop.

Also Signup for Big Box od LEGO started at the same time, so if you are going to attend the event be quick, as the spots are going out quickly.

What is LEGO House?

LEGO House is going to be a hands-on minds-on experience center where children and fans of all ages can experience the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. It will be a place where the visitors are offered an active and fun as well as educational and inspiring experience based on everything that LEGO play has to offer.

crazy creations made of Lego bricks